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About Elaine


Since a child I have always loved anything creative. About 30 years ago I spotted a course for ‘Calligraphy, The Beautiful Art of Handwriting’ at my local evening class centre. Not having a clue what to expect, I signed up anyway. I recall my mum saying “What do you need to learn that for? . . . you can already write!”

Little did I know where this Calligraphy course would lead me and how much I loved it!


I took to Calligraphy immediately, spending hours practicing. Eventually, friends and family began asking me to write poems out for them and over time I developed my calligraphic styles, adding illuminated initials and small illustrations. 


On the first day of my maternity leave with my first child I was asked to do some calligraphy for Spencer House in London. I ended up completing regular work for them and  due to recommendations, gained commissions from Goldman Sachs and other large organisations. Princess Margaret had a 60th birthday party at Spencer House and I produced the calligraphy for that. I never went back to my ‘day’ job!

In 2005 I had some personal life changing circumstances which resulted in me not being able to continue my small business. 

My children were young, I’d lost everything and had to move several times. Picking myself up from what was my worst year ever, I returned to study. In 2011 I achieved a first class Hons degree in Fine Art and went on to study Photography, gaining a Masters Degree.


Reflecting on my passion with Calligraphy and the arts, I’ve come to realise a few things about me. I like to make people happy, be part of their celebrations and life experiences, giving and receiving that ‘feel good factor.’ So when you need that special, unique ‘something’ as a gift or to commemorate an occasion, I would feel delighted to know I could help you.

How wonderful and thoughtful it is to receive something that is personalised, and completely original.  I am able to preserve memorable moments through beautifully written words, reminding the recipient of their wedding day, anniversary, birth of a baby and every other special event we pass through in life.


I will be building up my portfolio on line, showing you examples of my work and giving you ideas so watch this space and follow my journey and I’ll be there to help with yours!

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