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Wedding Calligraphy

Whether you are having a small, cosy affair or a large, lavish occasion, a casual but fun theme or a traditional, more formal wedding, Elaine’s Calligraphy Service can help with those special touches that can also be very helpful for the smooth running of the day.

Frivolous or sophisticated, delicate or dramatic, all ideas and styles can be followed through to help produce a most memorable occasion.

From invitations and hand addressed envelopes with the wow factor, your guests will be keen to see what follows. I can provide those finishing, personalised touches, from favours with tags to handwritten menus. Elegant table names, seating plans that can be hand painted or have the bride and groom’s initials entwined, a wonderful keepsake of a momentous day.

Save the Date

Wedding Save The Date

What a better way to let your family and friends know the date of your forthcoming marriage. Save the date cards can be as simple or elaborate as you like, formal or informal. This will be the first impression of how your big day will eventually unfold. Details can be written in calligraphy as required, ensuring a unique piece of stationery.



Menus can be produced in a variety of calligraphy styles to add elegance and sophistication to your tables. They can have personal messages, names and dates added or be decorated to match the theme of your occasion. Menus can be written as a single piece of card or can be produced as a booklet with details of how the wedding breakfast is going to proceed.

Thank You Cards

Wedding Thankyou Card

Thank you cards are the last part of your wedding day, your chance to express thanks for your gifts and the company of your guests. Cards can be designed to suit your individual requirements, with personal messages added. Each one handmade and handwritten for a genuinely thoughtful and heartfelt note of gratitude.


Wedding Reading

Have a memory of your special day beautifully handwritten to keep for a lifetime. If a relative or guest is doing a reading for you, this would make a lovely presentation gift for them. A choice of colours and writing styles is offered and a reading can be provided in a plain, simple format or with an illuminated letter or some form of decoration. Whatever you chose, be sure that this will make a welcome keepsake.


Wedding Invitations

Invitations can be made to your specifications and include all the relevant information that you may want to portray to your guests. The entire invite can be produced in calligraphy or you can chose to have the details printed, with the individual guest’s names written in a calligraphy style. Invitations written in calligraphy will certainly make an impression when received by your guests.


Wedding Vows

Whether you chose formal vows or ones you have composed yourself, these look lovely written in an elegant calligraphy style. If required the bride and groom can have their initials entwined as part of the decoration. Having your vows written, makes a beautiful and timeless reminder of your special moment. The options for a piece of work like this are endless and each piece is completely unique and personalised.

Place Cards

Wedding Place Cards

Once the seating plan has let your guest find their table at the wedding breakfast, the next step is to look for your place card to find the correct seat. Place cards can be plain or decorated with trimmings. Writing can be in a simple style or as intricate as you like. If you wish to provide your own place cards, I can write these for you also.


Wedding Speeches

Meaningful words, funny jokes or embarrassing moments! These can all be written and kept as a work of art. Whether the words make you smile, laugh or shed a tear, what a thoughtful piece to have written and kept as a wonderful memory. Maybe you had a favourite poem read, lyrics from a song or just some life stories mentioned, these all make a great idea for a keepsake.

Seating Plans

Wedding Seating Plan

A seating plan not only provides a beautiful piece of artwork but is also a necessity when you have quite a few people trying to find out who is sitting at what table. These can be done in table order or with names written alphabetically. Again a seating plan can match your room decor, theme or style. Initials can be illuminated using gold or silver, hand painted flowers or personalised designs can be added as a perfect finishing touch.

Wedding Poems

Perhaps at the church service or at the venue, you may have had a poem or some lyrics read. Having these written in a calligraphy style would make a lovely and unique gift. Photographs, illustrations or decoration can be included to make a stunning, personalised piece of work. A perfect idea for a meaningful present.

Wedding poem

Favour Tags

Wedding Favor Tags

Favour tags can also be used as place names or purely to label individual table gifts. These provide a personal touch to the wedding table and can be provided in different shapes and colours to compliment your wedding theme.

Wedding Songs

Wedding_ Remembrance Lyrics

What did you walk down the aisle to, what was your first dance? That song that means so much to you and provokes so many happy memories. Why not have it hanging on your wall as a perfect reminder of that special moment. Lyrics can be written in a calligraphy style of your choice with a colour scheme either from your wedding day or perhaps to match the decor of your home. This would make an individual wedding or anniversary gift.

Addressed Envelopes

Wedding Address on Envelopes

Whether you have all your other stationery printed, produced in calligraphy or a combination of both, envelopes can be quite a chore. Why not have them all hand written in a beautiful writing style. Envelopes in calligraphy add elegance and can set the theme for your wedding day. Addressed envelopes can be used for Save the Date Cards, Invitations and Thank You Cards. These can be done in inks, paints and metallics.

Initials Keepsake

Wedding Keepsake Illuminated Initials

Illuminated initials can be produced as a memorable gift for the newly weds or can be produced as part of a seating plan. If you would like a seating plan with the bride and groom’s initials included, these can be handcrafted on to a detachable panel for framing after the occasion. Initials look especially stunning when teamed with gold or silver.

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