Personalised Gifts

Life is full of special occasions and celebrations, wonderful moments, emotional encounters and memorable events. The perfect way to create and keep a memory can be through the power of words. Do you ever reflect back when reading old school reports and laugh or cringe at the memories those words reignite? Your words or the words of others can now have the same relevance of an old photo, letters from a loved one or your old school report!

If you love someone, if you remember a relative or friend who has passed away, have a strong belief you want to portray, have a reason to celebrate or are inspired by some happy, uplifting words, these can all be recreated to make a truly personalised and meaningful present. A decorated initial, a quote or saying, a biblical verse or passage, a poem, song lyrics or family tree. 

I am here to help you with ideas to create thoughtful and truly beautiful hand crafted gifts.

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