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Biblical Pieces

I am experienced at completing work for churches and all religious organisations. I can write in books of remembrance, in the front of presentation bibles and prayer books. Bible passages, hymns and readings can be hand decorated with manuscript influences. I can also produce calligraphy pieces for christenings, confirmations, marriages, funerals and for religious celebrations such as Christmas and Easter.

Biblical Chapters

Biblical Chapters

Several chapters written from Ephesians. This is a very large piece and was time consuming to write although extremely satisfying. If you are looking for something really special and intricate to reflect the importance of the message you wish to convey please speak to me with your requirements.


Calligraphy Prayer

I am regularly asked to write out prayers, ranging from the Lord’s Prayer to ones that have been written personally. Prayers can be comforting in times of need or sadness or indeed they can be inspiring or uplifting. Hand written in calligraphy, a prayer can make a unique gift that can be reflected on and treasured forever.

Biblical Readings

Biblical Reading Calligraphy

Lilies of the Field, Matthew 6, some meaningful biblical words, and a sample of what I can produce for you. However, whatever words, verses or passages you would like written, I would be delighted to discuss your ideas to determine your requirements.  Illuminated lettering or illustration can be added, the choice is yours.

Biblical Poems

Bible Poem

Footprints is a very popular and motivational biblical poem and I have been asked to write this on several occasions. This has been written in calligraphy ink and illustrated using black ink and pastels. Of course every piece I complete is unique, so let me know which poem or verse you would like written and we can discuss design.

Biblical Artwork

The Christmas story


Christmas messages from Matthew 22:11, Luke2:12 and 2:14 written in a circular design  in a gothic hand. The red and gold colours add a richness and importance to the words. For an impressive piece like this please contact me and I'll be happy to help create something special.

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