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One of the most special occasions of your life together is that special anniversary. As you celebrate all those special years together, now is the time to think about your invitations and envelopes in calligraphy to fully set the scene.  Depending on how many years of marriage you are celebrating, can influence your colour scheme and theme. Perhaps you would like to recreate some moments from your wedding day or start with completely fresh ideas. Please contact me for all your calligraphy and creative needs. I can produce completely personalised seating plans, place cards, menus, table names and bespoke gifts. All my work is unique and can be created to your specification. I’d like to help your anniversary event stand out and be remembered for a long time.

If you would like a special gift for a wedding anniversary, consider the couple’s lyrics of their first dance or perhaps a personalised poem or maybe just some words that are significant to the couple.


Anniversary Invitations

Red for ruby, emerald, sapphire, silver or gold, whatever year you are celebrating, invitations can be made to match the colour, style or theme of your anniversary. If you have already ordered or bought your invitations, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can write guest names in your invites, for that completely personal touch.

Table Names

Anniversaries Table Names

For larger events or anniversaries with a theme, table names can be a fun alternative to plain table numbers. They can tell a story, be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Table names can make a wonderful, decorative centrepiece to any occasion.

Anniversary Song

Anniversary Lyrics

What do you buy for a wedding anniversary gift? There are only so many pieces of silver or gold plate one wants to receive! I can produce pieces of calligraphy that will reflect the happy day from years ago. Perhaps vows, a poem or that special wedding song that you walked down the aisle to or had your first dance to. Years later, wouldn’t this memory make a wonderful keepsake and unique present.

Addressed Envelopes

Anniversary Address On Envelope

A beautifully written envelope not only catches the eye but lets the recipient know there is something wonderful inside. Showcase your invitations with some elegant calligraphy. The colour and style can be produced to compliment the anniversary that you are celebrating.

Poem or Speech

Anniversary Poem

Something paper for the first year of marriage perhaps. This could be some words from the speech, a poem that was read or any other special message to bring back those special memories from the couple’s special day. A completely personalised piece of work made to your specifications. Every piece is unique in a style and colour scheme of your choice. I am happy to help with any ideas.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Scroll


These meaningful words were commissioned by a husband to be presented to his wife on their 25th Wedding Anniversary. They were celebrating abroad, so this was the perfect surprise to pack in a case, adding no extra weight and easy to keep hidden until the special day. This piece was elegantly decorated with varying shades of silver paint written in a copperplate style creating a wonderful, thoughtful gift. 


Anniversaries Menus

Menus can be created and personalised for all occasions. Wedding Anniversaries deserve the very best in happy celebrations, be it a Silver, Ruby, Gold or other equally important Anniversary! You’ve lasted the years, so how about creating a memorable theme to mark those wonderful moments together. A bespoke menu can contain information about the events of the celebration, a personalised message to guests as well as the meal you are all about to share together.

Place Cards

Anniversary Place Cards

Place Cards are invaluable. Even for small occasions, guests need to know where they are sitting. This is an inexpensive way to personalize your occasion, while ensuring guests think you’ve made that special effort. A simple but useful touch.

Seating Plans

Anniversaries Seating Plan

You’ve decided to throw a party to celebrate a certain amount of years of being together. A seating plan is an excellent way to ensure guests can find their seats without too much effort. Make your event go smoothly, plus end up with a bespoke piece of creativity to mark the event. Perhaps recreate the colours and flowers from your wedding bouquet all those years ago?

Illuminated Gift

G L Initials

Paper is for a first anniversary. What better gift than some calligraphy and illumination on some good quality paper. A memory that can be framed and kept for a lifetime. Illuminated pairs of initials are hand crafted with love and attention, which will show through in the finished piece to produce an exquisite gift.

Handfasting Ceremony


As the first wedding anniversary is marked by a gift of paper, what could be more apt than some words from your wedding vows or ceremony. Of course, written on paper, this can record a happy memory for a long time to come. Whatever words you would like written, they can be illustrated with a fitting design which I’ll be happy to work alongside you to create a thoughtful gift. Whether your wedding was traditional or alternative, I can produce a beautiful piece of work for any special occasion.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Initials 


A personalised piece commissioned for a very special couple in celebration of 25 years of marriage. Any combinations of double initials can be designed with added personalised illustrations. Here, I was asked to add an illustration of their much loved dog. The piece is completely original, and hand painted in watercolours, gouache, ink and silver leaf. A perfect gift for such a memorable occasion.

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